Dress Your Boyfriend: The Urban Outfitters Edit

Hi guys,

So here is another one of my much requested ‘Dress Your Boyfriend Edits.’ (Sorry guys, I like to hog the camera myself!) This is a shoot I really enjoyed for two reasons. Firstly, the location is just perfect. I’ve been raving about the bar ‘Zozimus’ over on snapchat (yellowpolkadotb) and trust me guys, it is super cool. It’s located at South Anne Street, Dublin and easy to spot due to the coloured umbrellas floating in the alleyway outside. It was actually quite difficult to get some snaps here as it appears to be the most Instagram worthy location in Dublin at the moment! However, I did manage to get some and I was not about to waste the opportunity.

The second reason I loved this shoot was of course, the outfit. This outfit is based around the sweater which I picked up on sale in Urban Outfitters. UO is one of my favourite places to shop and I can get lost in there for hours. I spend as much time in the men’s section as I do in the women’s because I find their styles really inspiring, from ironic tees to great knitwear, it really has a lot to offer. This time I couldn’t help but build a men’s outfit from my findings. This sweater is super loose fitting with a raw edged neck and is really on trend this season. It is from the new to Ireland brand ‘Selected/Homme.’ I’m a big fan of ‘All Saints’ (I worked for them in New York a few years ago) and to me ‘Selected’ is like a cheaper version of that brand. It’s a Danish brand and they do women’s clothing too and it is all oversized, dark and grungy with some beautiful silks and long feminine style dresses and skirts. The brand is part of the ‘Bestseller’ group which includes, Jack and Jones and Name it. It is available in Arnotts, there is a store in Dundrum and of course, UO stock it from time to time too.

The second stand out piece from this look has to be the shoes. These are Dr Martens which I picked up for €30 on the sale n Topman. I’ve always been tempted by Docs and although I don’t actually own a pair myself I think they can look really good. I particularly like these ones as they are not OTT and can be worn formally but still retain that rubber sole that basically is the Doc signature.

I hope you like this look and if you happen to be in Dublin be sure to check out Zozimus and of course, the coloured umbrellas.

Until next time,

Christine xox


Sweater: Urban Outfitters, Selected Homme, €27 down from €50.



Jeans: River Island, Sid Skinny Stretch, €35


Shoes: Topman, Dr Martens,  €130





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