A journey of self discovery with Aisling Duffy Designs

Top and coat by: Aisling Duffy

Photos by: Olutobii

We are all on a journey, an exploration of self. This journey is hard and every day we grow and change as individuals. One of the simplest forms of self discovery can be found in our ever changing styles. How we dress at different times in our lives shows a different self.

When I discovered Aisling’s collection I was transported back to a different time in my life. I was 17, had just started University and had a black feather coat that I took everywhere with me. I was studying English, reading Virginia Woolf and believed I could change the world. Paper cups were still in fashion, people used iPods and I didn’t even know what Instagram was.

I’ve grown up a little since and invested in higher quality coats, I have a keepcup that I really need to use more and sometimes I forget that I can change the world. Aisling’s beautiful pink coat reminded me of this. I can change the world and so can you. And that is a beautiful thing indeed.

About the designer:

Aisling Duffy is a small Independent Fashion Designer from Dublin based in London.Aislings background is in Textiles. She studied at The National College of Art & Design in Dublin specialising in Printed Textiles and continued on to complete a Masters in Mixed Media Textiles The Edinburgh College of Art & Design in Scotland.Aisling then spent a number of years working as a Designer in Print Studios in London before taking a year out to learn more about Fashion Design in terms of Industrial Sewing and Pattern Cutting.

Aisling then received an Award for a Studio space in late 2017. From her studio she designs and produces two main collections a year. Aisling currently runs her business on her own but hopes to grow a team over the next few years.Her collections are focused around print, embroidery and storytelling. She uses recycled and sustainable materials for her collections when ever possible. She also produce up-cycled one-of-a-kind pieces for Om Diva, her Dublin Stockist, and for her Online store.

You can follow Aisling’s work on Instagram here or online here.

Link to shop coat

Link to shop top


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