A Sustainable Hotel in A UNESCO Biosphere – Lanzarote

Summer is here and I’m thinking holidays! I have nothing booked yet this year and while scrolling through old photos looking for inspiration I was reminded of a beautiful trip I took to the island of Lanzarote. I’ve been to Lanzarote a few times now but something keeps drawing me back. Is it the rocky landscape, the whitewashed villas or maybe just the feeling of being so far removed for the outside world, encompassed by the wild Atlantic?

Lanzarote was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1993 and you can really sense that. It’s no surprise then that my favourite hotel on the island is La Isla Y El Mar- a sustainable, boutique hotel that allows guests to relax and unwind while causing the lowest possible impact on the environment.

The hotel sits easily against the Lanzarote landscape and guests are encouraged to move with the environment, be part of it. It really is an amazing concept.

The hotel is the first ever “Biosphere Certified” hotel meaning it has a sustainable policy which preserves the environment in a technological way.

Leaving no stone unturned, from geothermal heating to correct waste management, guests can rest assured that the only damage they’ve done to the environment was on the flight over.

On top of all this the hotel itself is a pleasure to stay at. If you are looking for total relaxation (to finish a first draft of a novel perhaps ;-)) then look no further. The staff are welcoming and the views from the pool are something to behold.

The location is also ideal, only a short walk from the beautiful old town of Lanzarote where you can stroll along the promenade or take a dip in the sea.

La Isla Y El Mar also boasts the freshest cuisine on the island. You can even see little gardens growing herbs all around the grounds.

With a Gourmet Restaurant, a Buffet Restaurant and a Pool Snack Bar you are sure to stay sustained during your stay.

We went for Bed and Breakfast during both our stays and would highly recommend it. The buffet breakfast offers the freshest fruit and fish as well as delectable pastries and a sneaky glass of champagne.

We also attended a cocktail masterclass during our stay and while I can’t say I’ve quite managed to replicate the cocktails at home I did thoroughly enjoy them at the time.

*All photos taken on the La Isla Y El Mar premises.

Book your stay at La Isla Y El Mar here.

*My stay at La Isla Y El Mar was not sponsored in any way. However, during my time in Lanzarote I was invited to try out a number of restaurants. I will be doing a post on these next week, picking my top three!

I hope you enjoyed my post and be sure to let me know if you are visiting Lanzarote any time soon.



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