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Hi everyone,

Does anybody else get a touch of the fear when they return back from a holiday? I certainly do! So what better way to ease myself back into normality than to reminisce on a funky cocktail bar I visited during my recent trip to Amsterdam.

Chris and I were kindly invited to try out a super cool speakeasy during our stay and I’ve done this post to share it with you.

I hope you enjoy.

Until next time,

Christine xox

Getting there

Door-74 is the first ever speakeasy to be opened in the Netherlands. I have a thing for speakeasies, the whole mystery and exclusivity of it! In typical prohibition style the address is on a need to know basis. Bookings are made through the website and a text is sent hours before your visit guiding you the mysterious location. The bar is well hidden with a bell on the door and no signage. I won’t give away the location but the bar is central and very accessible by local transport.

Make a reservation here.


The bar itself has a dark and secretive air with high tables and seductive booths. Away from the tourist traps, this bar is for the cocktail connoisseur. The cocktails we tried were crafted to perfection and with minus temperatures outside it was a great way to warm up.  Timo welcomed us and created our delicious cocktails whilst Haan was our friendly server for the night.


I think the coolest thing about this bar is the fact that the menu changes monthly. This definitely keeps things interesting and means we will be sure to go back another time. The cocktails themselves change but so does the menu concept. During our visit the menu was based on a city map. It came in map format and opened out to reveal a quirky plan of the city. The cocktails were then broken up into three different lists that represented the three saltries from the Amsterdam coat of arms: Heroic (for the brave), Determined (for those who last) and Merciful (for those who joyfully enjoy.)

We must have been feeling very brave because we ordered two cocktails from the Heroic menu.

DreamTEA’ms Old Fashioned.

This cocktail was described as rich and strong and was decorated with a traditional stroopwafel. I had to go for it because of the stroopwafel alone. It contained bourbon, whiskey, earl grey liquor, orange and maple syrup. The stroopwafel really complimented the maple flavours in the cocktail. The taste was strong but with a zesty after taste and definitely for someone who likes their booze. Thumbs up from me!

Pack a Backpack

Chris decided to try this cocktail which was inspired by the many backpackers to the city. This cocktail contained Zuidam 3 year Corenwine genever which is a Dutch gin and green Chartreuse which is a French liquor. It was a strong and herbal concoction and definitely not for the faint hearted!

We then sampled the Determined menu.

That Travelling Owl

This cocktail was a fruity blend of international flavours with Baijiu, a Chinese sorghum wine, green tea and yuzu tonic. It also came in a really cute cup that gave it extra points from me! This was my personal favourite.

The Beer King

Chris then went for a cocktail named after ‘de bier koning’ one of Amsterdam’s best beer shops. This cocktail was a refreshing mix of beer and spirits with hints of lemon and maple. If you can’t decide between beer or a vodka then this is the perfect compromise.

The menu also recommended a number of other bars in the city and Haan was kind enough to give us lots of information and recommend his personal favourites.

I would like to thank Timo and his colleagues once again for a fabulous evening and we hope to visit again soon!

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