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Happy New Year everyone. I hope you had a really great celebration and are ready to start 2016 with a bang!

I had a lovely gathering at my place last night with some of the people who made last year a wonderful one.

But let’s be honest, none of us are feeling new year ready yet, we’ve got to recover from last night’s shenanigans before we can embrace our new, better selves. This blog is dedicated to all of you who partied too hard last night, it’s dark and grey but hey, dark and grey can look really good so it’s not all bad.

I hope you enjoy this look,

Until next time,

Christine xox



These culottes are really comfy and are the perfect length even for a shorty like me. Culottes can really make you look glamorous and worn with the right heels they are very flattering on the body. I particularly like these ones as they are a great colour to match up. I’ve teamed with a basic from Urban Outfitters and kept the grey colour throughout.

The coat is on sale in River Island at the moment and is my favourite part of this outfit. It’s such a nice colour and really adds to this look giving a nice contrast.

The shoes are also River Island sale and I absolutely adore them. They are the perfect way to inject a bit of fun into this outfit. With all the grey going on, the poms poms really stand out.

The necklace is from the Vintage Newbridge collection and was a Christmas gift from my Mum. It adds a bit of old fashioned glamour to the look.

The hat I’ve had a while. It’s from Rhianna’s range for River Island. I’ve loved this hat ever since I got it but I had the misfortune of losing it in Oxford last year. Luckily my boyfriend was a star and found one on eBay for me!

Culottes: €45 down to €20.–leggings/dark-grey-woven-culottes-675175

Top: €12 Urban Outfitters

Coat: €85 down to €45 River Island

Shoes: €80 down to €42–boots/pink-strappy-pom-pom-heels-674839

Necklace: Newbridge Silverware



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