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Welcome back to the blog. Today I want to introduce you to a skincare brand. Dublin Herbalists are an Irish brand whose whole collection is blended right here in Ireland. Claire is a qualified herbalist and the creator of Dublin Herbalists. Claire started developing recipes for a moisturizer in her home kitchen and it turned out to be so popular that she started her own range.

The ethos of Dublin Herbalists is to only use natural ingredients and sustainable materials right down to their packaging. The ingredients are all cruelty free and entirely vegan which shows their commitment to protecting the environment.

You can shop the collection here:


Claire kindly sent me a package with samples from their entire collection which I use frequently over on my Snapchat (@yellowpolkadotb). In this post I want to show you three of my favourite products from the collection; The Every Day Cleansing Gel, The Exfoliating Cleansing Gel and The Restorative Gel Face Mask.

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Every Day Cleansing Gel

The first thing I noticed about this cleansing gel was the smell. It smells so good! It reminded me of Turkish Delight. The gel contains castor and jojoba and has a honey-like texture. I wasn’t sure how good this would be to remove a full face of make up but I was pleasantly surprised. The gel melts into an oil when it comes into contact with dry skin. It instantly melted my make up and when I added water it turned into a milk washing it all away. My skin felt so fresh and clean after using this product. It even removed my mascara which I normally have to use a separate cleanser to remove.


Exfoliating Cleansing Gel

The exfoliating gel also smells amazing. It contains bamboo and cupuacu exfoliant. The exfoliant is gentle enough to use frequently. I have sensitive skin so I like when the grains are not too harsh. Again this product transforms from a gel to an oil and then into a cleansing milk. This gel can be used twice a week and it hydrates and purifies as well as exfoliates. My skin felt super smooth after using this product.


Restorative Gel Face Mask

I love using face masks but I usually go for a clay based mask that draws out impurities and tightens pores. The restorative gel face mask from Dublin Herbalists was totally different to what I’m used to. The gel sinks into your skin and feels so soothing. The mask contains papaya glycerol, whu zhu and artic cranberry seed extract. They work together to rebalance the skin. There is a lovely lavender smell to the mask which made me feel like I was at the spa. The mask is really hydrating and I loved this as I suffer from dehydrated skin and definitely don’t drink as much water as I should. You can leave the mask on for twenty minutes or up to an hour so you can use it on a busy schedule or to unwind at the weekends. I think the mask was my favourite of all the products.

I also used the Refreshing Facial Toner and the Revitalizing Face Cream and loved both of these.

Dublin Herbalists also have a range of body products so be sure to check them out on Instagram here:


I will be showing all the products in the range over on my Snapchat so be sure to add me there too.





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