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Hi guys,

Tonight’s post is all about Moschino. If you follow me on snapchat (yellowpolkadotb) then you will know I have a slight obsession with the brand and am constantly snapping Moschino handbags and merchandise whenever I am lucky enough to spot them. I like the Moschino brand for its bold designs but also because of its culture.  It is known for its colourful and eccentric garments as well as it’s controversial criticisms of the fashion industry. In 2015 Moschino released a Moschino Barbie doll (Oh yeah, I’m obsessed with Barbie too!) and the commercial featured a young boy. This was a first for Barbie and was designed to break stereotypical gender assumptions. It must have worked too because the doll sold out in less than an hour. That same year at their Milan Spring/Summer fashion show they channeled Barbie with blonde wigs and plastic mirrors. How could you not fall in love with this brand? Their 2016 Spring/Summer show did not disappoint either with models stepping through car washes wearing neon prints and a flashing sign that read ‘Courageous Couture Ahead.’. I feel that Moschino really understands and embraces the fun side of fashion and this is something I love.

The outfit below has two Moschino pieces, one from their Boutique Moschino line and one from Love Moschino. I think this is the perfect look for a business lunch or an interview. However, themed with a pair of slick stilettos this could easily be worn on a night out.

I hope you enjoy this look.

Until next time,

Christine xox


Trousers: €283, Boutique Moschino

Bag: €250, Love Moschino

Shirt: €37 down to €18, River Island

Boots: Topshop, old. ship to Ireland.

Brown Thomas Dublin stock Moschino.



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