Oops A Daisy

Hi guys,

I am so happy to be sitting in the sun writing this flower power post. The sunshine really makes me smile and notice how beautiful everything around me is. When it’s sunny I notice the flowers and the trees and all the wonderful things that nature has to offer. This outfit is inspired by just that and I’ve brought the daisy to life in this mellow yellow look.

I hope you enjoy.

Until next time,

Christine xox

The daisy is a flower that represents innocence and it always reminds me of my childhood. I remember sitting in the grass making daisy chains and draping them around my neck for the world to see my craftsmanship.

I bought this bag from Kate Spade in Las Vegas. I walked into the store and was immediately drawn to the colours, the flowers and the bold letters. “Oops a daisy” means you’ve made a mistake but it’s nothing serious, just a mishap and it really gives the feeling of fun and frivolity.

I then happened upon the top in Zara and knew I had to get it. Paired with the loose fitted yellow culottes, this outfit welcomes Spring with open arms.

Bag: Kate Spade

Top:  Zara

Culottes: Zara. Buy here.

Shoes: Coast


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