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I think it’s finally safe to say ’tis the season! We are all thinking about the jolliest time of the year and getting party ready. Christmas is a time when we all want to look and feel great. Everyone is out choosing the perfect party dress or investing in that lusted after highlighter. You’ll hear people talking about their pre-Christmas detox because a little over indulgence during the festive season is to be expected. However, it wasn’t until  I received this beautiful Christmas gift set from Clarins that I started to think about detoxing my skin. In the run up to Christmas I often forget to look after my skin, from late night partying to working crazy hours, life can really take its toll. The ‘Well-being Collection – Party Season Booster’ from Clarins is the perfect set to make sure your skin stays healthy during this hectic time of year. It also makes a great Christmas gift.

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The set comes in a beautiful Christmas box and inside there is a white make-up bag with snowflake detailing.


The first item in the set is the Booster Detox. This comes in a little 15ml bottle. The Booster helps refresh and revive the skin giving it a detox. The formula is enriched with green coffee ectract which is known for its detoxifying properties. You simply mix 3-5 drops with your regular face cream or foundation daily to see results. I’ve been using this for about a week now and my skin already looks brighter.


The second item in the set is the One Step Exfoliating Cleanser. I love cleansers that are multifunctional because it helps minimise the time I have to spend taking my make up off at night. This cleanser is for skin that suffers from the effects of city living. This is pretty much for anyone who lives or works in a city and helps counteract the effects of pollution on the skin. The cleanser has four main functions; Cleansing, exfoliating, purifying and toning. This cleanser made my skin feel super clean after a long day of work.


The third item in the set is the HydraQuench Cream. This is a daily moisturiser that helps promote more radiant skin. The moisturiser contains katafray bark extract which is exclusive to Clarins and enhances the production of natural moisturization factors. For someone who really suffers from dehydrated skin this has worked wonders. I no longer wake up with my skin feeling tight but it actually feels revived from the night before.

The Clarins Christmas gift sets come in a wide variety and are available from pharmacies nationwide. Sets include ‘Clarinsmen Age Control Collection – Energizing Experts’ ‘Super Restorative Collection- Replenishing and Plumping Essentials’ and the ‘HydraQuench Collection- Hydration Essentials’ to name a few.

You can purchase the Christmas set (€39.00 down to €29.25) from this post here-


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