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Hi everyone,

Today I am back with a post all about beautiful photo prints. Now, I’m the first to admit that my iPhone is permanently glued to my hand. I’ll also admit that I document every waking minute of my life and although my Instagram is updated daily (follow me here) I have very little in the way of physical photographs. This all changed however, when I discovered LALALAB and now with the handy app I can print my photos on the go.

LALALAB very kindly allowed me to pick a set of gorgeous prints to show you and I really hope you like them.

Until next time,

Christine xox

The LALALAB concept came from the fundamental problem: how can you print pictures straight from your phone? Well, the LALALAB app allows you to do just that. You simply download the app, set up an account and sync your social media.

When you pick what photos you would like to print they appear in your LALALAB app and you can edit them how you wish. The choices range from classic prints to the vintage style which I have chosen. You can add colour to the frames and write a message or a date underneath.

LALALAB offer a wide range of products including prints, magnets, calendars, photobooks and canvases. You can also order 28 to 36 vintage prints in a LALABOX which is a uniquely designed box and the pefect gift or sentimental token.

The vintage prints cost €0.39 per photo and the LALABOX is €15.

LALALAB offers worldwide shipping!

You can download the app here.

If you use the code PGZVMCKO at checkout you will receive a discount. You’re welcome.

Happy snapping and shopping!

*This post is not sponsored. Lalalab gifted me the photos but opinions are my own.


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