Rebel, Rebel

From gracing the shoulders of James Dean circa 1950, to being the wadrobe staple of ‘Born in the USA’ legend Bruce Springsteen in the 80s, right up to being a statement look for Disney rebels like Miley Cyrus now, the denim jacket has never really left the limelight. Starting off as a matching companion to his iconic jeans, Levi Strauss created the first jacket in 1800 and its evolution since has been something to behold.

The denim jacket has always done more than keep us warm. It’s a rebellion, a political statement but what happens if you add patches to this already anti establishment couture? Well, Patches pack serious power, once the badge of honour for the working class, patches have now become one of the hottest trends for top fashion designers.

The relationship between fashion and politics has always been a strange one but in the current climate we are seeing fashion respond faster and with more zeal. New York fashion week was dominated by slogan tshirts (which I will be discussing in my next post) which made bold statements about the world we live in. A stand out piece had to be Alice and Olivia’s “Be the change you want to see in the world” tshirt.

Non-conformity is definitely on people’s minds and this is being reflected in the way we are dressing.

So bring out your inner rebel because this fashion trend is going nowhere, and fast.

I hope you enjoy this look.

Until next time,

Christine xox

I fell for this jacket last year and I have not stopped wearing it since. I picked it up in Topshop and they have something similar now.

Shop similar jacket here

I wear it with everything but this particular look is all about casual glamour. The dress is from Urban Outfitters, a slinky, underwear as outerwear style dress that I’ve layered with a tight white t-shirt from Zara. Layering has been a recurring trend this season and means you can get another wear out of that glittery dress you bought for Christmas. I love this look, so effortless and cool! This dress is sold out so I’ve linked a metallic slip dress as an alternative. It’s great to wear this trend with interesting fabrics like metallic and velvet as it really adds contrast.

Shop similar dress here

Shop t-shirt here

I’ve completed the look with my trusty old Converse and a backpack from Penneys.

This is an easy daytime look that makes you feel put together but very comfortable.


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