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If you follow me over on Instagram or Snapchat (yellowpolkadotb) then you’ll know I was in Amsterdam this weekend. Whilst there I was very lucky and got to dine in a beautiful restaurant on Wolvenstraat, Restaurant Brix. Chris and I were very kindly invited to try out their dinner menu on Friday night and I am very excited to share my thoughts on it with you.

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Getting there

It’s very easy to get to Restaurant Brix from Amsterdam Central, simply hop on the number 5 tram and take it three stops to Spui. The restaurant is then about a ten minute walk away on Wolvenstraat. Wolvenstraat is located in the beautiful Old Town area called De Negen Straatjes or The Nine Streets. I fell in love with this part of town, it’s super trendy and very popular with the locals. The streets are lined with stylish boutiques and bars and it was a hive of activity on Friday night.



The restaurant has a really cool, relaxed vibe. The interior decor is super trendy with an exposed brick wall and one long leather couch that runs alongside it. Small wooden tables are placed in front of the couch for diners and copper lights hang from the ceiling. The walls are covered in funky pictures like the one above and issues of Elle magazine hang in a copper wire rack on the wall. There is a piano in the centre of the restaurant and Jazz is played on Monday nights. The restaurant was full on Friday night and seems to attract a young, local crowd who come to drink wine and catch up.



For starter I had the Peking Duck. The duck came with bapoa buns which are a steamed bun that made their way into Dutch cuisne via Indonesia, a former colony of The Netherlands. The duck was stacked between the buns with kimchi, a fermented Korean side dish, and flavoured hoisin sauce. The result was a taste explosion and possibly one of the nicest duck starters I’ve ever had.  The duck was cooked to perfection and the bapoa buns were the perfect accompaniment.

Chris had the mussels which were cooked in sereh oil and kaffar lime. He described them as ‘melt in the mouth’ with a beautiful Indonesian flavour.


For main course I went for the gnocchi. The gnocchi was homemade and the pieces were large and soft, dressed in a pumpkin and carrot sauce and flavoured with sage and chorizo. The dish was spicy and a pleasant change from the usual pesto dressing that comes with gnocchi.

Chris went for the rib-eye steak which came with a roseval muslin and chimmichurri. The dish was also flavoured with red port shallots. The steak was cooked medium/rare at Chris’ request and was very tender. The accompaniments complimented the steak and resulted in a very fine dish.


For dessert I had the scroppino which is an Italian lemon sorbet made with vodka and topped up prosecco. This was such a delicious end to the meal, very light and refreshing with a beautiful lemon taste and not overpowered by the alcohol.

Chris went for the cheesecake which was served in a glass jar like above. I loved the presentation of this dish. It was a seed cake cheesecake topped with delicious red fruit.


I had a glass of merlot and Chris had a beer recommended by our waiter Haakon.

Price point

A three course meal for two with a drink would cost about €100.

I would like to thank Restaurant Brix for inviting us to dine at their beautiful restaurant and for a fabulous evening. Haakon was very helpful and made the evening most enjoyable.

You can view the menu online at

*Disclamer: I was invited to try out Restaurant Brix but all opinions are my own. This is not an ad.


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