Sleepover Time

Hello lovelies,

There are lots of luxuries in this world and for me, beautiful pjs are a must. Everyone talks about going to bed on fresh sheets and for me, going to bed in a new set of pjs is the same thing. I love a nice cosy onesie as much as the next girl but sometimes you just want to feel a bit more glam at nighttime. This is where River Island comes to the rescue. They have a gorgeous selection of pyjamas at really good prices. . They come in separates too so you can mix and match to your heart’s content but equally they have some really cool matching sets.

I fell in love with this particular set because of its colour palette and because I love the silky feel of the material.I picked the long length for the bottoms because it’s still pretty cold out but there is a short version too. I liked how there were two top options and I decided to get both and layer up. I loved the long sleeved top as a sort of a jacket over the cami and think it really makes this pyjamas into an outfit. This particular set is limited edition.

This is the perfect bedtime option for holidays or if you are going away with friends or simply if like me, you like to glam up for bed every now and then.

I hope you enjoy this post.

Until next time,

Christine xox


PJ bottoms: €22, River Island–nightwear/pyjamas/blue-floral-print-pyjama-trousers-682181

PJ cami Top : €22, River Island–nightwear/pyjamas/blue-floral-print-cami-682180

PJ long sleeved top: €22,  River Island–nightwear/pyjamas/blue-floral-print-cut-out-shirt-682179

Pom Pom Mirror: €9 River Island

This is such a cute little mirror. It comes with a clip to attach to your handbag and the pom pom on the front is really on trend this season.

Make up bag: €13, River Island

I love the colour of this make up bag. It’s great to match up your over night accessories to your pjs and it really makes you feel glamorous.

Candles (Birds) : €4, Primark

I got a huge response to these candles over on snapchat (add me, yellowpolkadotb) so I said I’d put them in here again. I’ve never lit them because they are too cute and I don’t think I ever will.

Candles: Brooke and Shoals.

These are by far the best smelling candles I’ve ever used. If you light them for half an hour the whole room is filled with the scent. In fact you can smell them even when they aren’t lighting and you are near them!

Chalk Board: €5, Primark.

I’m obsessed with this thing and use it to document everything and remind myself of all the things I need to do.

Perfumes: €72, Fifth Avenue, Elizabeth Arden and € 64,Gucci, Bamboo.



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