Swap ‘til you drop

Photos by Daragh O’Neill

11am, Saturday May 4th, The Bernard Shaw was quiet as the sun crept over the canopy casting light on a lonely blogger setting up rails.

It was a beautiful morning and my phone kept buzzing with messages of good luck and support but I was nervous. What if nobody showed up, what if the rails remained empty, no garments swinging in this beautiful May sunshine?

I cradled a coffee as Skinfull Affairs and The Glitter Bugs set up their pop up shops and soon the back area of the Shaw started to bustle.

It turns out Dublin cares about sustainability. It turns out lots of people have once loved clothes that they want to share.

The Nu Wardrobe volunteers, Tamires, Cian and I looked at each other as out of nowhere, men and women, all carrying bags of clothes arrived ready to swap. We took in five items from each person, separating them into basic and bling.

We received everything from brand new Missguided dresses to vintage Karen Millen.

The crowd sat impatiently, ready to pounce as we sorted the clothes. We were actually a bit nervous as they looked hungry to get the best bits! At 1:30pm the swap shop began.

Please be advised, the following photos contain scenes of a sustainable nature!

Once again I would like to thank the fabulous Skinfull Affairs and The Glitter Bugs for providing ethical beauty options and to Tamires and Cian who helped me so much with the swapping. I would also to thank The Bernard Shaw for providing the perfect venue and to Daragh O’Neill for the gorgeous photos.

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Visit Skinfull Affairs here.

I would also like to thank everyone who attended and for all the messages of support. I couldn’t have done this without you all. I can’t wait to do another event just like this!


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