The All Saints Shirt Dress

Hi guys,

If you follow me on Instagram(yellowpolkadotbikiniblog) or Snapchat(yellowpolkadotb) then you’ll know that I’ve been on holiday recently. I was in Tenerife with my lovely parents and we had a really relaxing week. The sun was shining and a lot of time was spent lounging by the pool. The next three blog posts are going to be based around outfits I wore while on holiday.This trip has really gotten me excited about Summer ’16 and I hope this post starts to help you plan your summer wardrobe too. It was so great to get out of the heavy tights and faux fur and to wear some loose fitted clothing and bare legs.

This first post is all about neutrals and is based around an ‘All Saints’ dress that I just keep coming back to. ‘All Saints’ is a brand I worked for in New York a couple of years ago and again more recently in Dublin. It is a brand I have much love for and whenever I go into a store I am blown away by its effortlessness. It is a brand that really breaks the mould and does its own thing. While working for ‘All Saints’ this dress (and everything else) would be worn with a pair of  trademark ‘Damisi’ boots and this gives the look a really ‘on trend’ feel. However, because my feet were due a much needed break I’ve opted for converse this time round. I think converse have a similar effect, making this elegant, linen dress feel a little edgier and more street.

I really hope you enjoy this look.

Until next time,

Christine xox



Dress: €155, All Saints. The dress I’ve had a while but a few similar options can be found on the All Saints website. I particularly like this one.

Slip: €58, All Saints. As the dress is quite see through I’ve put a slip underneath. It’s a bandeau slip in nude and this comes in really handy with a lot of other dresses I own.

My converse are rose gold leather and I love how they contrast with the colour of the dress. These can be picked up from most shoe retailers that stock converse.

My hat was a gift from my Mum and is from New Look and is both a necessity for me in the sun and also a great addition to this look.

My  cuff is old from Primark.

My necklace is old from River Island.

Bracelet: €220, Links of London.

Sunglasses: €13, River Island.

The Damisi boots mentioned earlier can be found at Kildare Village and retail around €200.





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