The Primark Power Suit


“Power once, and power now, are very different. Now power can be feminine. The new power suit is the confidence you have in yourself. The clothes just accentuate that”.  Giorgio Armani

A trousers suit can be so versatile and fun. We are definitely seeing  a lot more on the high street in the last few years.  I love the idea of ‘power dressing’ but there seems to be something slightly contradictory about women wearing a suit to feel powerful .

The #pantsuitnation took over our twitter feeds recently in the run up to the US election as female supporters of Hilary Clinton wore suits to the voting polls. Women in suits have been around a long time however, with Coco Chanel breaking fashion boundaries back in the 1920s. Since then, so called ‘power suits’ have gone full circle, from soft dressing in the 20’s to harsh shoulder pads and cuts in the 80’s, the current trend seems to be a mix of both. We see feminine prints, pastel colours as well as bold stripes and masculine cuts. We can compare Hilary’s pant suit to Michelle Obama’s full bodied skirt. Both styles of dressing emulating powerful, confident, capable women.

Armani was one of the key pioneers of women’s suiting, the lines of gender becoming blurred under his design. On the Armani website there is a tribute to 40 years of design and they quote an interview with Armani where he summed up my predicament perfectly. “The new power suit is the confidence you have in yourself.”

So wear a suit or wear a dress,what really matters is how you feel – and I feel damn good in this suit!





This suit appealed to me on so many levels. I love the fit and how easy it is to dress up. I also have a bit of a soft spot for jacquard. The colours are really eye catching and you’ve probably noticed by now that I am partial to a bit of colour. I themed the suit with a beautiful velvet polo and a pair or fringed boots. Too much is never enough!

The boots are from Office and the bag is from Michael Kors.









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