What my Mum taught me about style

“Fashion is OK for five days, one minute, six months but style is for the rest of your life.” Stefanno Gabbana

You can’t buy style. Style, in my opinion, is inherited. I grew up around a matriarch who used her style to express her individuality and power. My Mum is a beacon of style, leading the way for me and my sisters. She still is one of the most fashionable people I know. She has taught me so much about life and her love for education and learning has meant that I am a sponge, constantly soaking up new information and ideas. She taught me not to put material goods above the more important things in life and despite my love for designer brands, family is the be all and end all. The way I look at the world is a testament to her rearing. Along the way, through the Geography lessons on holiday or the many books as Christmas gifts, she also taught me about style. Never one to follow a fad she is twice the fashionista I am. While I have been found hobbling around in heels at all day standing events, she is always dressed for the occasion. My love for fashion and eye for detail come from shopping trips with her as does my unique sense of style. She would never compromise an outfit for the sake of wearing a designer bag that doesn’t match.

This post is all about my love for fashion, how I fell in love with this jacket and how like Dolce and Gabbana, my Mum taught me that style is eternal.

Dominico Dolce describes the brand as having such a defined personality that as soon as you see it you know it’s Dolce and Gabbana. I am slightly obsessed with this jacket and I know it screams Dolce and Gabbana. I’ve themed it with torn jeans and a low cut top, both from River Island.

The detailing on the leather makes it so unique. I know this is a timeless piece that I will be wearing in ten years time. I also think it would look just as good with a dress as it does with the distressed denim.


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